QX1 Cartesian industrial robot is recommended for the automation of small and medium tonnage injection molding machines.

  • IMM combined: 80-280 tons
  • Vertical Axis (Y): single stroke
  • Configurable Rotations: additional electrical axes
  • Horizontal Axis stroke (X): 1600-2000 mm
  • Transversal Axis stroke (Z): 500-700 mm
  • Vertical Axis stroke (Y): 1000-1200 mm
  • Payload up to 4 kg
  • Dry Cycle of 5,5’’


Quality components guarantee solid performance and reliable efficiency: brushless servo-motors, epicyclic gearboxes, reliable and durable pneumatic components, movement transmission via timing belts, steel machine structure, sliding blocks with roll-by-balls on a hardened steel prismatic guide, vacuum settings by handheld.

Control unit
Our control unit is a light and ergonomic portable console, that hosts a high-resolution 7 inches touch screen to display all of the robot’s parameters.
The controller is equipped by a self-learning software of the robot’s cycles, quick to comprehend and simple to apply. Step-by-step sequences are freely programmable or semi-automatic, with possibility of insertion macro to menage all the robot functions. The work program speed is configurable.
The controller can freely manage 8 inputs and 10 outputs. Moreover, there is the possibility to save up to 270 cycles thank to the storage on SD card.

Electrical panel
QX1 is equipped with electrical panel on the ground, featuring a reduced footprint and maximum user-friendliness.

Configurable vertical axis
The QX1 is available as standard with simple and functional direct single stroke.

Configurable rotations
QX1 is equipped as standard with a compact and powerful pneumatic tipper. For more complex handling requirements, additional configurable rotations are available, pneumatically or electrically driven.