3E 2400

3E 2400 robot is recommended for its performance in terms of resistance, durability and stability: the manipulator is retrofitted by replacing or preserving part of the components, if possible, according to customer requirements.

  • IMM combined: up to 1200 tons
  • Horizontal axis stroke (X): 2400 mm
  • Transversal axis stroke (Z): 1200 mm
  • Vertical axis stroke (Y): 1900 mm
  • Rotation (R1) Tipper: 0°-90° (pneumatic)
  • Maximum payload: 25 kg
  • Positioning repeatability: ±0,1 mm
  • Dry cycle: 10″ sec.


We preserve part of the components, if possible: the electrical panel is generally kept. We replace impaired and worn-out components, specifically:

  • mechanical components: sliding guides, timing belts and gearboxes;
  • electrical and pneumatic wiring on-board.

Additionally, is possible to require:

  • complete disassembly and re-painting of the robot;
  • complete replacing of the pneumatic components;
  • replacing of the electrical components with new drives and brushless servo-motors;
  • replacing of the control unit with a 10 inches touch screen display.